Industrial drying oven

Industrial drying oven is a heated chambers used for industrial application which is Electronic product related. The purpose of drying oven is to use for curing the component of electronic devices. Such drying oven is used in many different applications including chemical processing, food production, aerospace industry, LED industry and the electronic industry where circuit boards are run through a conveyor oven to attach surface mount components. Drying Oven is necessary to be used in production process of electronic industry. The drying method includes Hot Air, Infrared (IR), and Ultraviolet (UV). NICATECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD has provided a variety of solutions for customers from different industrial fields.

Drying oven of NICATECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD mainly used in electronic industry, aerospace industry, LED industry and so on.  For example: Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Light Emitting Diode (LED). Drying oven is use for curing those components of electronic device products like mobile phone, laptop, TV, calculator and so on. That electronic device is related printed circuit board.

Several application of drying oven for PCB, there are Inner Roller Coating & Drying, Solder Mask Pre-Bake & Post-Bake for automatic drying, Solder Mask Low-Pressure Spray Coating & Drying, Solder Mask Electrostatic Spray Coating & Drying, Drying after Legend Print, Oxygen-Free Drying, HDI resin Plugging, Drying in Clean Room, Automatic Stripping for dried film.

Several application of drying oven for LED, there are Photoflash, Interior Lighting, Roadway Lighting, even to the UV application. There are two automatic drying equipments which is Conveyor Oven and Vertical- type Oven. The Conveyor Oven is used for LED die bond baking and the Vertical-type Oven is used as hot air compact oven for LED bake.

There are some common types of industrial ovens include:

  • Curing Oven – It is designed to cause a chemical reaction in a substance once a specific temperature is reached. The cure oven raises the product mass and coated material to a specified temperature and holds this temperature for a set time. It is used for a variety of application like adhesives, powder coating, thermoset plastics and rubber. This Curing oven is commonly using in plastics and semiconductor industries.
  • Drying Oven – It is designed to remove moisture. This is commonly used in electronic industries and aerospace industries to ensure that all moisture is remove from sensitive electronic components.
  • Baking Oven – Combines the function of curing and drying oven.
  • Reflow Oven – Reflow oven is used for reflow solderingof surface mount electronic components of printed circuit boards (PCB).
  • Conveyor or Continuous Ovens – It’s an automated conveyor processing line, conveyor ovens allow for higher volume processing.
  • Clean room oven – It is designed an applications for cleanroom environment such as a semiconductor manufacturing.