Drying oven

Drying oven is a heated chambers used for industrial application. Drying oven is used in many different applications, there are chemical processing, food production, aerospace industry, LED industry and the electronic industry and so on.The purpose of a drying oven is to removed water, solvent or moisture from product without cooking them. It is used to dry out objects through evaporation. Drying oven use convection heating, water from the object escape into the air, raising the level of humidity and then causing the semi-solid membranesinside the oven to absorb the water.

Several the drying methods, there are Hot Air, Infrared Radiation (IR), and Ultraviolet (UV). NICATECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD has provided a variety of solutions for customers from different industrial fields.

A PCB surface finish is a coating between a component and a bare board PCB for ensure solderability and to protect exposed copper circuitry. There are many types of surface finish which is Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL), Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) and Electroless Nickel Immersion (ENIG). Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) is a one of the most popular surface finish used on printed circuit boards. The PCB is typically dipped into a bath of molten solder so that all exposed copper surfaces are covered by solder. Excess solder is removed by high pressure hot air blow on the board surface.

Dryer (Infrared) is use for dry the printed circuit board by using Infrared Radiation (IR).  The IR heaters are mounted above the transport level, and the circuit boards are on a flat or V-shaped belt. Infrared radiation (IR) consists of invisible electromagnetic wavelengths for transfer thermal energy from a warmer object to a cooler object. IR is split into 3 wavelength peak of the radiation, there are Short-Wave (SW), Medium-Wave (MW) and Long-Wave (LW). The heat energy is directly transfer from the infrared source to the product to be heated.  All materials will absorb, reflect and allow a fraction of the infrared spectrum to pass through. Nowadays, a lot of industrial production processes use the infrared heat for drying, curing,  pre-heating and so on.

Ultraviolet (UV) Dryer is used to cure or dry inks, adhesives or coatings by using UV light instead of heat. It is a process is based on photochemical reaction as in oligomers and  Liquid monomers are mixed with a small percent of photoinitiators  and then exposed to UV light. After a few seconds, the products such as inks, coatings or adhesives instantly harden. Many industries like electronics, automotive, telecommunications, glass and plastic decorating etc were using UV curing technology to increase their production speed, improve scratch, reduce reject rates, solvent resistance and facilitate superior bonding.

Nowadays, many industries like electronics, automotive, telecommunications used drying ovens to cure the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for increase their production speed, reduce reject rates, improve scratch and so on.Delamination is a well-known problem in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB). When drying oven was perform heating process for PCB, moisture contain on PCB will be turn into vapor quickly causing delamination. It was generated high pressure within PCB board due to the vapor has no way to evaporate off and these will be causing formation of blisters, faulty soldering joints, and barrel cracks. All this defects are contributed circuit failure and PCB to be scrap. These might be affected Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of industries to achieve their target.

NICA Technologies Pte Ltd is a company who provide solution to assist customer to solve their electronic related problem. NICA Technologies Pte Ltd was established in year of 2000 which is a Singapore company founded by a group of experienced Technical Sales and Maintenance Professionals originated from companies involved in manufacturing of Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board and Regional Equipment Distribution. At NICA we offer various drying system solutions with different heating source which can be employed for Printed circuit boards, ITO film, touch panel, LED, IC Substrate, Optoelectronics, automotives, aerospace and semi-conductors industries. Our drying system has also cooperated with world leading 3C products manufacturer.

NICA was specializes in providing a wide range of industrial ovens to accommodate a variety of applications, including drying, curing, and baking components or final products. Our industrial ovens are available in a full range of standard sizes or specially designed and built to meet specific customer requirements. NICA industrial ovens including industrial Infrared Radiation (IR) oven, industrial batch oven, industrial N2 (nitrogen purge) oven, industrial conveyor oven, industrial UV curing oven. Our working partners as follow:


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