Change Nickel Plating Machine to Nickel Plating Equipment

NICA has been partnering with worldwide nickel plating equipment manufacturer to provide nickel plating equipment advice and service including nickel plating equipment planning, production, delivery, installation and trial run. From the application of the manual operating system to the relatively complex production system, NICA relentlessly collaborate with our partner to develop new technologies and improve quality of our plating equipment in order to keep our nickel plating equipment competitive.

NICA is able to provide our customers advanced processing technologies of automatic loading and unloading system with highly self-developing software. Our software is easily operated and is equipped with statistics and management functions to make sure quality of the products is fully met. In addition, we adopt widely recognized materials and optimum parts to ensure reliability of our nickel plating equipment. Before shipping plating equipment to our customer side, equipment assembly will be conducted by our professional engineers in our factory and comprehensive commissioning and testing will be performed as well to minimize the equipment set-up time. Besides, we will offer training to the operators of our customers. Apart from providing nickel plating equipment, we also offer a variety of plating equipment with the following features:

Customized Plating Equipment:

  • Electroless nickel plating and electroplated nickel/gold, selective gold plating.
  • Pattern plating, through-hole metallization/plating, electroless nickel/palladium/gold.
  • Chrome plating, plastic plating, aluminium anodizing.



  • Specially designed transportation mechanism
    • Side arm crane
    • Gantry crane:
      1. Precise positioning using smooth drive control.
      2. Up and down mechanism and transverse mechanism are controlled by variable frequency drive.
  • Drying device.
  • Automatic loading and unloading system.
  • Fly-bar vibration system and agitation system embedded in tank.
  • RFID absolute positioning system.
  • Optional enclosed exhaust chamber.


Manual and Auto Electroplating Equipment

Manual plating line: Use chain hoist to manually move the workpieces across each tank. Process of each tank is controlled by hardware of electronic circuit. If necessary, PLC or PLCs can be implanted to control the process flow of each tank. Dipping time of the workpieces in tank can be set according to the requirement. Quality of the workpieces mainly depends on the operational accuracy of the operator.

Automatic plating line:  Workpieces are automatically moved across each tank by crane which is controlled by PLC. Parameters of plating tanks, dipping time and process flows are stored inside PLC. Owing to this highly automated system, quality of the workpieces can be achieved consistently.

We also offer different crane mechanisms, including side arm crane, gantry crane and overhead crane, according to the width of tank and weight of workpiece.

Criteria of choosing a proper type of crane mechanism:

Side arm crane: Tank width < 1000mm, Weight of workpieces < 100kg

Gantry crane: Tank width < 2000mm, Weight of workpieces < 400kg

Side arm crane: Tank width > 2000mm, Weight of workpieces > 400kg