Industrial drying oven manufacturers

How to choose the Industrial drying oven manufacturers?

I think this must be the headache subject for most of the management. To get the suitable, trustable, quality, sustainable Industrial drying oven manufacturers, it is not an easy job. Here we go in details regarding of how to choose a correct oven before a worst issue happened:

  1. Reputation – Reputation of the manufacturer must be the first priority criteria when you are choosing oven manufacturer. Industrial oven is a long run program, it can last for 10 years and above if it is made by a good quality team / design. To find out the reputation rate, we can then check on the some of below:
    • How long the company sustain since starting?
    • Any benchmarking oven of the manufacturer that can present?
    • How long does the oldest machine last / operated?
    • Any competitor of yours using their machine?
    • Others than competitor, is there any references from Top100 / Top500 business, which are using their machine? (Example: Apple / Samsung etc.)
  2. Quality – Quality should also be the very first priority in the consideration among manufacturers. If your company have their machine, this should be an easy job for you, because you can just ask from your colleague help, to provide benchmarking data, such as Break Down record, MTBF, Spare Part change record, PM record, etc. If you never seen their machine before, you may need to search from online for testimonial or call to manufacturers to request all above records
  3. Flexibility – Other than above, flexibility is an option good to have, it will help a lot when you are running a project. When we come to project kick-starting step, you might need help from manufacturer to do Customisation, Specification fine tuning, Timeline Sequencing, and Communicating with Pre- & Post- process, etc. With these abilities, a manufacturer can help you on making sure, that you can run whole project smooth and healthy. (This is very important support from responsible & helpful manufacturer)
  4. Service – Servicing is always a painful experience from many of users. You might not get contact with Original Manufacturer again after they sold the machine. Money paid but nobody pickup phone while machine need support. So there is a need to make sure the manufacturer providing a 24/7 service with professional servicing attitude / knowledge. Benchmarking can refer from market player or user, a bad service attitude and bad reputation can not be hide among market.
  5. Long term partnership – Machine purchasing is not a 1 or 2 years matter, it will affect for over 10++ years of production yield. So to prevent sold & run case, a good manufacturer will always maintain the good relationship with you, example:
    • They will think from your standing point and solve the problem together with you.
    • They will always try their best to shorten lead time for your machine delivery, and have a punctual timeline of machine delivery
    • Spare parts are always available with short lead time
    • 24/7 professional service
    • Always patrol for your machines, to monitor the machines healthy condition, even after the payment had completely paid

So from all above, you can have the correct formula to choose the correct Industrial oven manufacturer. With almost 20 years experience in this industry, NICA is confident to represent as the suitable industrial drying oven manufacturer for you.