Engineering Services

NICA Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore based engineering services company which was established in year 2000 by a group of experienced technical sales and maintenance professionals from the background of PCB industry and regional equipment distribution. Over the years, NICA has developed to an engineering services company specializing in providing Drying or Curing Ovens, Plating, and Surface Finishing Solutions. In order to keep abreast of advanced engineering services, NICA has been partnering with worldwide equipment manufacturers and jointly collaborate with them to strengthen our engineers’ professional skill.At NICA, our clients could expect professional care with our “Equipment Life Cycle Management” which offer engineering services and support at various stage of ownership of our industrial systems. In order to maximize the productivity, our equipment life cycle management will help optimize performance of your equipment throughout its servicing period.

OUR Equipment Life Cycle Management

Stage 1: Planning

The lack of comprehensive planning will result in wastage of resource, reduced operational efficiency and lower product quality. So, at the earliest stage of equipment set-up, NICA will conduct a series of technical discussions, including equipment specification, expected productivity, floor space constraint, product characteristics, and equipment budget.

Stage 2: Designing

This is an extensive and exhaustive stage because it involves not only the degree but also a wide range of technical knowledge. Prior to fabrication, multiple rounds of technical discussions will be held. Equipment specification, drawing and quotation will be provided to the customer for approval after all technical related issues have been clarified.

Stage 3: Installation, Commissioning and Delivery

To shorten the assembly time at customer site, equipment installation and commissioning will be pre-conducted at our factory site. Afterwards, equipment will be packed and delivered to the customer site. Both FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT (site acceptance test) will be fully executed to ensure customer’s requirements are fully met.

Stage 4: Commence of production

In order to maintain equipment in good running condition, a maintenance plan will be proposed beforehand. Furthermore, local and remote monitoring will be performed.

Stage 5:  Stable Operation

Upon request by our customer, services of periodical inspection, equipment diagnosis, and energy consumption level diagnosis are available.

Stage 6: Extension of operational life

NICA also provides operational life diagnosis, retrofit work and renewal work, and equipment reliability to extend the service life of aged equipment from the viewpoint of minimizing lifecycle costs.

Stage 7: Renewal plan

As the equipment reaches its lifespan, we will assist our customers to work out a feasible renewal plan to suit their needs and to ensure a rewarding investment.

Stage 8: Disposal

We will assist our customers in equipment disposal upon request.