Electroplating Line

Over past 10 years, NICA has successfully built and commissioned hundreds of electroplating lines for a functional or decorative purpose. Besides that, NICA also provides customized electroplating line according to customer’s requirement for certain application. NICA is committed to rendering optimized solution in the field of electroplating to ensure customers’ products with good surface treatment. We offer a variety of functional and decorative electroplating lines listed below.

Decorative electroplating line

Nickel Plating

Chrome Plating

Copper Plating

Barrel Plating

Plating on Plastic (POP) is an electroplating process where a plastic is metal plated. Plastic parts need to be metalized prior to electroplating. This can be realized by etching the surface to create a strong bonding surface and depositing the roughened surface using electroless nickel or electroless copper, and then electroplating, mainly nickel electroplating.

Functional electroplating line

Hard Chrome Plating is an electroplating process using chrome acid as the electrolyte and a layer of chromium will be deposited on the workpiece. The thickness of hard chrome plating normally ranges from 2 to 250um. Hard chrome plating is adopted for high wear and corrosion resistance and low surface friction. We have successfully completed hard chrome electroplating for plating automotive and heavy equipment parts which require high wear resistance and good tribological characteristics.

Nickel Plating is a process of depositing a layer of nickel on a metallic part, it can be electroless plating or electroplating. The nickel plating can be employed for both decorative purpose and functional purpose of wear and corrosion resistance. Nickel is frequently used as an underplate (intermediate layer) due to its evenness (good thickness uniformity), smoothness and migration barrier characteristics. Phosphorus will be added in nickel plating process to achieve certain properties. Different percentage of phosphorus added will exhibit distinctly different properties. Besides nickel plating line, we also provide Nickel Gold and Nickel Chrome Plating Lines for different applications.

Gold Plating is a process of depositing a layer of gold on another metal, mainly on copper or silver base. Gold plating possesses great electrical signal transmission, oxidation resistance and wears resistance. As a result, it is a preferred electroplating process used in the electronics industry. There are pure soft gold electroplating and pure hard electroplating. Pure soft gold plating is normally used when high solderability, wire bonding, high temperature and corrosion resistance are required. Soft hard gold plating is normally used to plate parts, such as female and male connectors, and electrical contacts on PCB to sustain repeated sliding or connection wear. Hard gold plating normally is alloyed with a small amount of cobalt and/or nickel to achieve the required mechanical properties. At NICA, we provide Gold Electroplating, Gold Immersion Plating, and Gold Electroless Plating.

We have a deep belief that we are able to help our customers to build up an electroplating line in accordance with their requirements which will definitely electroplate their products with excellent surface finishing.