Electroplating Equipment

At NICA, we provide a wide range of selections of electroplating equipment which will definitely fulfill your requirements and focus on providing optimized plating solution to our customers based on over 10 years of experience in the field of electroplating. Our electroplating equipment can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Our electroplating equipment involves PCB manufacturing electroplating equipment, industrial electroplating equipment, reel-to-reel electroplating equipment, etc. At NICA, electroplating equipment provided includes:


PCB Plating Equipment

Panel/Pattern Copper Electroplating Equipment

The equipment is used for processing thin panels with tiny holes, specially designed methods for loading board and bubble removal to improve yield rate.


Electroless Sn, Ni/Au, Ni/Pb/Pd Plating Equipment

The equipment can be customized according to customer’s needs in order to process ordinary metal, an aluminum material or PCB. The equipment can acquire stable product quality and extend the replenishing cycle of electroless nickel solution.


Desmear/Pattern Through Hole (PTH) Equipment

A wide range of PCB wet process equipment, including desmear, PTH equipment, etc. are available at NICA.


Vertical Copper Plating/ Copper Fill Plating Equipment

The equipment is suitable for high-speed plating with board thickness range 0.1~0.6mm and high plating uniformity.


Reel to Reel Copper Plating Equipment for FPC


Black Oxide Equipment for PCB

The equipment is a ring-type design with fully hydraulic driven systems. The high efficiency of the process flow which includes basket loading/unloading, pretreatment, black oxide process is suitable for mass production and its maximum production capability is able to reach up to 30s/basket.

Industrial Plating Equipment


Barrel Plating Equipment

A variety of precise barrels with the diameter of perforation as small as 1mm is available. With our specially designed barrel cylinder and barrel cover, a workpiece of 0.2mm thickness won’t be stuck into the seam between barrel cylinder and barrel cover. This feature allows the barrel plating equipment used in plating precision electronic components. Additionally, higher plating efficiency, better quality and shorter plating time can be achieved with 40% of perforation rate of the barrels.


Plating on Plastic Equipment

The equipment is suitable for plating plastic parts, such as automotive parts, faucets, cell phone cases, to achieve functional and decorative metal coatings on plastic.


Sanitary Utensils Plating Equipment


Aluminium Alloys and Magnesium alloys Anodizing Equipment

The anodizing equipment is electrolytically plating a coating on the aluminum alloys or magnesium alloys to increase the corrosion resistance of the metallic parts. This electroplating equipment is suitably used for plating cell phone cases, computer cases, automotive parts, etc.


Reel-to-Reel Plating Equipment


Reel-to-Reel Plating Equipment

The equipment is suitable for plating parts coming in strips, such as terminals and lead frames. The system consists of loading buffer, plating, and reeling stages. For semiconductor application, a high pressurized smear unit will be added additionally.